History and Philosophy

Since La Tour opened its first bilingual English class of 20 students in 1989, it has evolved into a thriving Anglophone Section with over 500 students in three distinct programs in the collège/lycée and nearly 150 students in the Step Program of English workshops for primary school children on Wednesday afternoons.


The Section began with a single program, now called Anglophone Studies, designed to provide a bilingual and bi-cultural education for students who arrived at La Tour with a fluent level in spoken and written English.  However, it soon became apparent that our aim of providing motivated and competent students with the opportunity to perfect their English skills while introducing them to the many cultures of the English-speaking world through Anglophone literature and history could be adapted to a non-bilingual level.  Advanced English, an honors program for the top students in LV1 English, was thus born.


Soon after, we established the Step programs for pre-primary and primary school students.


Now, the Anglophone Section, through our four complementary programs, is available to all ages and a variety of levels.


As globalization has made the world a smaller place, our curriculum has evolved over the past  20 years.  The lycée literature and civilization courses concentrate on Anglophone countries outside of Great Britain and the United States.  The electives in lycée enable students to choose some of their courses.  The guidance counselor program in collège helps our students from around the world adapt to La Tour and the post-bac advisor gives aid when our students wish to apply to universities around the world after they leave La Tour.


Nevertheless, if the curriculum has evolved over the years, our fundamental mission has never faltered: to provide an academically rigorous and supportive environment which enables students to achieve academic excellence in English and experience an Anglo-Saxon learning environment.  Our aim is to help students  broaden their horizons by developing an awareness of the world around them and the confidence to meet their full potential and find their place in this ever-changing world.