WHO: Bilingual or near bilingual students from 6ème through Terminale

WHAT: Classes, entirely in English with native-speaking teachers from the Anglophone Section,  for students who  wish to further develop their  knowledge of the Anglophone world through the analysis and discussion of literary and historical texts which are used by students of the same age in English-speaking countries. This program is designed to provide a bilingual and multi-cultural education.

WHEN: AS classes use all the  LVI English hours plus 2 extra hours.       (ex.  6 hours per week of Anglophone Studies instruction in 6ème;  5 hours in 2nde;  3 hours in terminale)



WHO: Particularly strong and motivated students in LV1/LV2 English classes from 6ème through Terminale

WHAT: Classes,  entirely in English with native-speaking teachers from the Anglophone Section,  aimed at enabling strong students to further develop confidence and  competence in their comprehension and oral skills while using English as a tool to work on literature,  civilization and geography in the Anglophone world.  The students continue to follow the LV1/LV2 program with Education Nationale teachers.

WHEN: There are two AE classes per week. (One in cycle terminale);  They are usually scheduled at lunch time but can sometimes take place at the end of the school day.